5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Senior Year

Senior year, that far off dream each and every freshmen refers to whenever they feel like they can’t take another second in school. Running the risk of sounding like an elderly grandparent berating you for not appreciating what you had, when you had it I’ll spare you all of the cringey one-liners about time slipping away.

But seriously time, what a weird concept right? Not in the quantum mechanics way, which is a whole other discussion, for when you’re either really introspective or really high, but a good conversation none the less.

Like most graduating students, at the end of their time in high-school, I’m being very philosophical and very dramatic- but I mean who doesn’t love a little ‘pomp and circumstance’? (See what I did there)


I’m getting off topic again, so yea senior year, there were a lot of ups and downs. Things I’d never dreamed of and things I wish would never happen again. The twenty minutes of relentless coming attractions in the movie theater if you will, you wish the trailers would just end so you can get to the good stuff but you still find your self enthralled by the 2 minute clip of the new Anna Kendrik movie.

I mean I know nostalgia just comes with the territory, as it does when accompanied by any ending, but its one thing to see it in a coming-of-age indie flick, and to experience it for yourself. Therefore I am going to try to define the various ampourhous thoughts ranging through my brain and paste them onto this external manifestation of my inner-workings.


I think the largest shock that accompanied my year was the fact that I truly believed I would be on the exact path I willed myself to be on, and to some extent that is true, I also found myself in a state of introspection unparalleled to anything I’d ever felt before.

So even though everyone is telling you, you need to get your shit together you don’t have to listen! Take your time, breathe and go from there.

LESSON #2: Push yourself. 

Boundaries have the word bound in for a reason.


So before embarking on my college career I was never allowed to have a high school job as my parents thought that this would distract from my school work. Now that I’m nearing the end of my high school career I’m looking to build up a college fund, and frankly finding a job- any job- is a lot of work. Long story short I completed about 20 different applications and been on 1 interview and 0 jobs.


LESSON #4: Get someone to read your college essays. Seriously.

I once almost misspelled my name. So yea always double check.

LESSON #5: A cup of coffee and solve almost anything.

While it may just be the caffeine addict within me that hot cup of joe has got me through every rough spot in my life. Through late hours of the night unable to sleep over anxiety, but also in the pure moments of joy and coffee was just the best accompaniment.

There is no universal truth only finding the good in every moment, or even the beauty in some of the less glittering moments. 



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